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Issuescraper, an introduction

What is the IssueScraper?

The IssueScraper is story mapping software for news and blogs. It watches the movement of stories across media spaces. It is built with wizards to enable step-by-step story mapping. The software also has a free analysis path.

Why the IssueScraper?

What is the path taken by a story across the blogsphere and the newssphere? Which sources pick up a story and when? What are the angles taken by news sources and blogs to a particular story? How do these angles change over time? The IssueScraper is a new media analysis tool.

How to IssueScrape?

The IssueScraper performs comparative, time-series analysis of stories moving in and across the blogsphere and the newssphere. You may query news and blog aggregators for sets of key words (story + angle1; story + angle2; etc.). You may create source sets, e.g., Middle Eastern press sources only, and query the source set for stories and angles. The IssueScraper also will discover a blogsphere for you through a link analysis of a set of seed blogs, e.g., the U.K. political blogsphere.

What comes out of the IssueScraper?

The results are visualized in story maps, showing significant relationships between a story, its angles and the sources. You may view changes in the angles to a story, across sources and spheres, over time.

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